Thursday, June 28, 2018

Social Media Marketing - Its where the people are

Downloading social media apps on the smartphone is one of the actions that regular people are considering. Getting the social media apps on a smartphone or a tablet just seems like the way to proceed. People like social media applications.

Have you been watching the videos talking about the big social media apps? There is a big race when it comes to the applications. What are the apps that you like having? People rely on their favorite apps to stay plugged in and informed.

What are some of the top social media apps?


Getting up to speed with the social media apps should be right there on the radar.  People download the apps and start learning how to navigate them.  Learning about posting, commenting, keywords and hashtags is just the beginning.  Learning the basics of social media with online tutorials can be really helpful.  Some of the social media apps are not super simple to use for everyone.  Some might have their own way of doing things.  Watching the tutorials on youtube is a good way to pick up some social media skills. 

The social apps might change from time to time. Some users might like more than just one social media application. They have their positives and negatives. Do you like instagram more than snapchat? Do you log into facebook more than twitter?

Some of the social media apps are easier to use than others. Learning how to use snapchat might not be as simple as using twitter. They are different platforms. Are you using twitter to stay up to date on the latest information in your sports favorite?

Information moves fast online and the social media apps are where people like to share. Just think about how much faster things are going than in the past. The daily newspaper is old news after it is printed. With the internet and social media accounts, people get the latest info quickly.

The social media apps also means that more people can chime in. Likes and dislikes are now a thing.
Taking photos and creating information is one of the other upsides. Keeping the smartphones and tablets all charged up is just a part of the process. Thinking about getting an iphone x. The social media applications like instagram, facebook, snapchat and more might all be on the mind.

Opening up the pinterest application to look at pictures or going to instagram to look at videos is something that can take up some time during the day. How many hours are you spending on youtube watching youtube videos? They are the new attention locations.

Are you paying attention more to tv or to the social media sites for your entertainment. There are lots of options for your eyeballs, but social media can be very attractive. There are so many sites and so many interesting options to consider.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Building Your Shopping List

Are you building your shopping list yet?

Raspberry Pi 3

Simple small computer for learning programming and more.  The cost is low and it is something that I want to check out.

Lg Ultrawide Monitor 34 inch

Thinking about getting one of those large lg monitors.  The ultrawide monitors look cool.  They are pricey, but it might be time for an upgrade from the old dell small monitors.

Vizio 55 inch Tv 

Big screen tvs are always good.  Thinking about getting one of those vizios. The deals might be big during the black friday sales. 

Vizio Soundbar

Getting a soundbar is a way to pump up the volume.  There are lots of options when it comes to sound. Getting a low cost vizio soundbar is one option, the other is going for the bose speakers, but they can be pricey.

Dell Optiplex Computers on Ebay / Dell Precision Computers on Ebay

Buying new computers or buying refurbs online?  Getting dell computers has been a good experience over time.  Buying them new or used has resulted in a positive outlook.  The dell optiplexes are solid.  Don't you like checking out the dell store on ebay to see what they have?  The prices are pretty good. 

Answering Internet Survey Questions and Getting Into Building Blogs

Doing the internet surveys and going for the referrals is something that can be done online.  Using the computer to find the survey company websites and then applying is not a hard process to complete. 

Some people might enjoy answering the survey questions.  It might still be a pain getting into the open surveys.  They move kind of quickly, but survey takers have the benefit of lots of sites.  So some might reject the applications, but the survey takers know that there are lots of other options.

Answering survey questions might not be your ideal idea of fun, but it is something to do online. Some people might not like the idea of just sitting online all day and answering question after question.  Others might have some free time and enjoy offering up information that can be helpful to the companies.

People give their opinions on topics all the time, but they might not get anything for their 2 cents.  With the internet survey sites, you might have a chance to get a gift card or earn money. 

Some of the savvy internet survey takers might think about gaining referrals, if available.  Doing the surveys day in and day out might be fine for some, but what about getting referrals?  Earning points or earning money from others efforts seems like a good idea.

Creating blogs and other promotional methods to get referrals is a good idea.  The blog has a chance to bring in new referral leads while the survey taker is off doing something else.  There is something special about seeing your point totals rise and you didn't do anything special.  Getting those referral points is a big motivator.

Setting up a blog is good for another reason.  It is another chance to build up some skills in another area.  Survey questions are going to be around, learning how to setup a blog is a good skill to pick up.  Learning how to write blog articles and even record videos or audios could potentially open new doors.

Starting a blog could also be a chance to go for more income streams.  Google adsense and other online marketing programs might be an option.  Starting off with doing surveys and then venturing into a blog could be a new path.

The blog is a chance to explore graphics and images.  It is a chance to learn about other online marketing options.  It is a chance to learn about search engine optimization and catchy headlines.  Don't forget to think about list building and email marketing.  Setting up one blog could open the door to doing lots of niche online blogging.

Doing one site and learning the ropes could be the inspiration for lots of new niche sites.  Each new site could be another potential route to more traffic and potential passive income.  Starting off online learning about online surveys might lead to different destinations.

Keeping An Eye On Social Media

Online social media is something on the tip of the tongue.  People know that social media and going viral is something that is wanted.  What is the alure of the viral?  The low cost of using social apps is what gets people thinking.

The social media twitter accounts are an option for sharing information.  Learning how to use status updates to share links, images, text and videos is something that should be on the task list.

It is all about making connections.  The social media fb is where lots of people are already plugged in. The overall goal is earning money online and going for passive income sources.

Are you up for making lots of videos?  Posting videos on social media youtube is another potential traffic source.  People enjoy watching videos and youtube is the place that immediately jumps to mind.  Recoring videos with your smartphone, tablet computer or video camera could be an option for going for traffic.

Pictures, images and graphics are a good way of sharing information.  Long articles might be good for seo, but don't you think it is cool to look at an image and grasp a concept?  The social media pinterest site is just one of those outlets for showcasing graphics and images of information.  Creating pinterest boards and learning how to get around pinterest is a time investment.

The social media instagram is a place where people go to look at images and videos.  There are lots of social media platforms and keeping up them all might seem like too much work, but instagram is one that people recognize.  Getting an instagram account and using it to connect is something to consider.

Joining more social media accounts might start getting tough.  How many accounts are you going to have?  How are you going to keep up with posting on all the different platforms?  Remember that social media sites can be trendy.  The hot social media sites of a few years back might not be in the same position in the future. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Becoming an Internet Affiliate Marketer

The dream of affiliate marketing is working at home and earning from online marketing efforts.  The affiliates come up with the marketing plans and take actions that turn into conversions and commissions.

The idea of not having to worry about inventory might be appealing to people interested in the marketing field of affiliates.   Learning how to get started with affiliate marketing is simple.

Some people start off by setting up their own websites and applying to join affiliate marketing networks.  The networks might house lots of affiliate marketing programs.

Applying to affiliate marketing offers is very simple.  Enter the information and see if approval happens.  Getting approval with a program is just the beginning. The affiliate has to learn the products and services and get ready to promote the offers.

Banner ads and text links are the ways that the affiliate networks track the traffic generated by affiliates.  Copying and pasting the affiliate links correctly is important.

Finding affiliate networks and programs can be simple also.  Going to the search engines and searching for the terms will reveal the results.  Applying to individual programs or networks is a way to get started.

Building websites is one way of promoting online.  Learning how to develop websites is a common skill.  Now, software is available to help make it even easier.  Using web development tools like wordpress or joomla is a simple and quick way to get a website online.

Creating content is another option for going for traffic.  Writing articles and ebooks could be potential lead generators and traffic generators.  Affiliates also consider setting up mailing lists.

The affiliates try to get potential customers to visit offers, but that will not be successful all the time.  Some people are going to visit the offers and not like them or choose to buy.  Affiliates might go for opt-ins to build up a mailing list. 

The mailing list is a chance to continue to bring more content to the prospect and provide multiple opportunities to direct traffic to offers.  List building is a big topic online for affiliates.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Lots of Online Niches

Building lots of niche online sites means having to come up with lots of content.  Are you in the web development or blogging niche?  

Finding the content for the blogging and niche web dev means considering outsourcing article writing.

Getting clever with coming up with new domain names and finding the web hosting is a part of the process.

What are the hot topics of today?  What are the evergreen topics that will always be around?  The niche web dev and blogging options means also thinking about the social media accounts that are available.

Niche blogging and web development means spending lots of time coming up with new ideas. Things are always changing online.  New technologies get released and there are new hot topics to cover.

The internet writers at home are dreaming up new article titles and coming up with content to reach the audiences.  The internet writers are sitting at their computers creating the information that grabs the users attention.

Web niche blogging is just one of the online options for going after income online.  Building mailing lists and creating information products are other ideas to consider.  Building an email list and adding in more powerful and engaging content is going the long term route.

Niche web blogging does not have to just be tied to writing content.  Creating video content for blogging or vlogging is another route to consider.  Making videos with software or screen recording videos are options too.